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Uneven, bumpy or “flat” heads (termed “Plagiocephaly”) in children can have a significant effect on the learning and behaviour of your child, a study in the American Journal of Paediatrics (Long Term Developmental Outcomes in Patients with Deformational Plagiocephaly – Paediatrics 2000;105 – Robert I. Miller and Sterling K. Clarren) said;

“Late effects [of plagiocephaly] included visual disturbances, orthodontic/oral surgical issues, cosmetic concerns, and psychosocial issues. A statement was made in that review that the possibility that cranial distortion without increased intracranial pressure or definable damage being done to the distorted underlying areas of the brain could lead to overt or subtle neuropsychological problems,”

“there clearly seems to be a difference in children with plagiocephaly, compared with their siblings in regards to need for special services during the school-age years. Problems noted related to subtle problems of cerebral dysfunction, which were manifest during the school-age years, involving language disorders, learning disability, and attention deficits.”

Many new parents, when asking their health professional about their child head shape, are told “don’t worry, it doesn’t matter” or even “Don’t worry, their hair will grow to cover it up!”

I believe a child needs a fully functional nervous system – properly functioning brain, skull, spinal cord, spine – so they can have the best start in life and the healthiest future.

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