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For 19 years, Dynamic Family Chiropractic has served the Auckland community. Over that time, our chiropractors, Drs Sheridan Kay and David Kay have gained a reputation for delivering outstanding, client-focused care around the Remuera region. WIth onsite Xray, parking and a dedicated team, you can expect the highest standard or care.

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Our Story


Dynamic Chiropractic was born of humble beginnings. When Dr Sheridan Kay and now husband, Dr David Kay moved thier lives from Australia for David to Study Chiropractic at the NZCC, they needed somewhere to builld from. A inconspicuous sign “FOR RENT” was barely visible in the front Remuera of the beautiful Californian Bungalow at 649 Remuera Rd. On a wing and a prayer, we borrowed the money for a New Xray machine, bought used office furniture and a solitary front desk computer. David would offer massage while he was training and Sheridan would spend hours, often just waiting for the phone to ring. That was 20 years ago!

Since then, we now own the office, have 3 full time Chiropractors and 4 support staff. Dynamic has evolved into a local leader in Natural and holistic healthcare. Both Drs David and Sheridan offer very unique yet complimentary techniques to memebers of our community. Sheridan is the ultimate family Chiropractor. An Emapthetic yet incredibly strong willed passionate person gets fulfillment but caring for every member of the family. From pre conception care to the elderly. Budding athletes to Dad needing to improve his golf swing. Dr David Kay was more the engine room. He was devoted to understanding complex conditions. A Mechanist of the spine addressing Headaches, disc injuries, lower back problems and long term correction of chronic problmes. He also has the strength to get even the most stubborn patients some meaningful relief. 

Originally from Wodonga Victoria, Sheridan comes from a “dynasty” of chiropractors. David’s father is a General Practitioner from Albury and became the 5th Chiropractor in his family.

We still have on-site Digital Xray and have evolved with flexible hours, allowing as many people as possible to receive the exemplary healthcare we envisioned providing. With the professionalism and consistent refinement of the most beneficial Chiropractic Techniques, including Thompson Technique, Gonstead, Diversified, Flexion Distraction, Pregnancy and Y-Strap, our team are sure to find a way to make you feel and function your best.

Dr Sheridan Kay Chiropactor Remuera Auckland

Dr Sheridan Kay

Dr Sheridan Kay was born to be a Chiropractor. She personifies the message of “get well, stay well and live well”. Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious, and knowledge vast.

Originally from Australia, Sheridan graduated from Life College of Chiropractic in Atlanta, USA in 1996 with a Doctor of Chiropractic and Bachelor of Science in Nutrition. She comes from a large family of Chiropractors and has ‘walked her talk’ her entire life. Her late father, Dr Alan Brady, 2 brothers, 5 uncles and husband Dr David Kay are all Chiropractors. Sheridan is the 16th Chiropractor in her extended family and has been involved in the Chiropractic profession for over 3 decades.

Sheridan is an active sportswoman and devoted Mum to two daughters, and has a particular interest in Chiropractic care for families, babies and children. She is extremely passionate about inspiring you to live your best life and “fire from all cylinders.”

She established the practice in Remuera in 2003 and has been instrumental in changing the lives of Auckland families since then. 

With 26 years of clinical experience, a passion for natural health and renowned for her clear explanation and understanding of the human body, Sheridan is one of the most respected Chiropractors in New Zealand. She is a certified in Webster’s technique and is a certified instructor of the Thompson Technique as well as the principle instructor of the technique at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic. With a vast array of Chiropractic techniques up her sleeve, and extensive knowledge in nutrition, Sheridan caters your care specifically to your needs.

Her love for Chiropractic and passion for natural health care is also a huge part of her family and personal life. Both of her children have had Chiropractic care since birth and they are perfect healthy examples of how vital natural living can enhance your life and help you and your family reach your potential.

Dr David Kay Dynamic Chiropractic Remuera

Dr David Kay

With 15 years in Practice, Dr Kay is a motivated chiropractor with high expectations of himself and his clients. He is a leader in his field and communicates health, wellbeing and the impact of a disrupted spine and nervous system on productivity and health to New Zealand’s leading companies.

“We have built a supportive and dynamic team for our clients. People want to be heard and most importantly, deserve to be looked after. You need the opportunity to get healthy and stay that way.”

He graduated from the University of Sydney (BSc) followed by a further 4 years at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic where he took a keen interest in the mechanics of the spine, in particular the lumbar spine (lower back), the pelvis and neck. Between and during his university degrees, he worked in construction and pipelaying so understands what disabling back is like.

Outside of Chiropractic, David is involved in everything! Anything outdoors, a footballer, husband a father of 2 girls, runner, swimmer, fisherman, diving, snow and water skier, a pilot and the Australia and New Zealand representative for Zenith Chiropractic Tables. His field of expertise ranges from corporate seminars, health and wellbeing to Flexion Distraction treatment for low back and disc related injuries.

David is married to Chiropractor – Sheridan Kay, he is also one of five Chiropractors in his family and both his father and uncle are both General Practitioners in Australia.

He thrives on challenging cases and non surgical care for lumbar disc herniations with “Flexion-Distraction Technique ®”, enabling patients to receive effective, non-surgical management of low back pain, disc bulges and herniation. 

By combining several methods of care, he manages to accommodate a wide variety of patients. 

Dr Torl Macken Dynamic Chiropractic Remuera. Auckland Chiropractor

Dr Tori Macken

Originally from Canada, Tori completed her first degree at the University of British Columbia in Kinesiology. Tori has always had an interest and a passion for understanding the body and helping people express their health and reach their truest potential. This, combined with her degree in Kinesiology, led Tori to realize her potential to have an incredible impact on people’s health journeys as a chiropractor. Graduating from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic, she continues to apply a modern and fresh approach to supporting her patients health.

She grew up in an incredibly active home, playing high level sports all the way through her undergraduate degree. From an early age, she learned firsthand the importance of incorporating chiropractic into her health care and upkeep as an athlete. Tori continues loving life and staying active. Much of her time’s spent outdoors hiking or at the beach. She has always had a true love for travel and is constantly updating her bucket list!

“My goal is helping people achieve a better quality of life”. She enjoys working with people of all ages and abilities, from mums and bubs, to athletes, working professionals, families, and everything in between.

Lexi Fokkens – Remuera Chiropractic Assistant

Lexi is a breath of fresh air at the reception. Her experience in teaching and customer service is evident at every turn. An engaging, smiling face, coupled with an extensive legal administrative background are just some of Lexi’s key contributions to our team at Dynamic Chiropractic.

With a love of travel and having a good time, having worked in Wanaka, the United States and now back in Auckland, we are very excited to have Lexi with us to care and assist with our day to day running of Dynamic Chiropractic REMUERA.

“I feel so honoured to be working with a passionate skilled team who’s number one focus is to improve people’s lives.”

Katie Gardiner – Office Manager

Katie is our firebrand and office manager at Dynamic Chiropractic Remuera. With a long history in corporate sales and extensive account management combined with her infectious personality, Katie ensures the smooth running of Dynamic Chiropractic.

Her extensive travel and broad outlook on life positions her uniquely as the person to make your experience at Dynamic rewarding and fulfilling. The combination of her schooling in the UK and experiences living in Asia, Europe and the Middle East gives her the unique ability to communicate with just about anyone. We are very fortunate to have Katie as part of our team.

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