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Dr Sheridan Kay

Sheridan Kay Profile Pic

Dr Sheridan Kay was born to be a Chiropractor. She personifies the message of “get well, stay well and live well”. Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious, and knowledge vast.

Originally from Australia, Sheridan graduated from Life College of Chiropractic in Atlanta, USA in 1996 with a Doctor of Chiropractic and Bachelor of Science majoring in Nutrition. She comes from a large family of Chiropractors and has ‘walked her talk’ her entire life. Her late father, Dr Alan Brady, 2 brothers, 5 uncles and husband Dr David Kay are all Chiropractors. Sheridan is the 16th Chiropractor in her extended family and has been involved in the Chiropractic profession for over 3 decades.

Sheridan is an active sportswoman and devoted Mum to two daughters, and has a particular interest in Chiropractic care for families, babies and children. She is extremely passionate about inspiring you to live your best life and “fire from all cylinders.”

She established the practice in Remuera in 2003 and has been instrumental in changing the lives of Auckland families since then. 

With 16 years of clinical experience, a passion for natural health and renowned for her clear explanation and understanding of the human body, Sheridan is one of the most respected Chiropractors in New Zealand. She is a certified in Webster’s technique and is a certified instructor of the Thompson Technique as well as the principle instructor of the technique at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic. With a vast array of Chiropractic techniques up her sleeve, and extensive knowledge in nutrition, Sheridan caters your care specifically to your needs.

Her love for Chiropractic and passion for natural health care is also a huge part of her family and personal life. Both of her children have had Chiropractic care since birth and they are perfect healthy examples of how vital natural living can enhance your life and help you and your family reach your potential.

Dr David Kay

Dave Kay Bio Pic
With 12 years in Practice, Dr Kay is a motivated chiropractor with high expectations of himself and his clients. He is a leader in his field and communicates health, wellbeing and the impact of a disrupted spine and nervous system on productivity and health to New Zealand’s leading companies.

“We have built a supportive and dynamic team for our clients. People want to be heard and most importantly, deserve to be looked after. You need the opportunity to get healthy and stay that way.”

He graduated from the University of Sydney (BSc) followed by a further 4 years at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic where he took a keen interest in the mechanics of the spine, in particular the lumbar spine (lower back), the pelvis and neck. Between and during his university degrees, he worked in construction and pipelaying so understands what disabling back is like.

Outside of Chiropractic, David is involved in everything! Anything outdoors, a footballer, husband a father of 2 girls, runner, fisherman, diving, snow and water skier, a pilot and the Australia and New Zealand representative for Zenith Chiropractic Tables. His field of expertise ranges from corporate seminars, health and wellbeing to Flexion Distraction treatment for low back and disc related injuries.

David is married to Chiropractor – Sheridan Kay, he is also one of five Chiropractors in his family and both his father and uncle are both General Practitioners in Australia.

He thrives on challenging cases and non surgical care for lumbar disc herniations with “Flexion-Distraction Technique ®”, enabling patients to receive effective, non-surgical management of low back pain, disc bulges and herniation. 

By combining several methods of care, he manages to accommodate a wide variety of patients. 

Dr Shannon Ganesan - Chiropractor

Shannon Ganesan BIO PIC

"The race doesn't belong to the swift but to those that keep running"


Life isn't about progressing in short spurts or only hitting milestones when you're physically able, but being consistent and functioning at your peak all the way through! 

I believe that the health at any age, lies in our ability to take charge of our lives, be proactive and dictate our direction. Why wouldn't you want to give your body the capability to function at its best?

I wake up every day with certainty in my ability to help people (of all ages) be the best version of themselves! My ultimate goal is to educate as many people as possible about the importance of having a nervous system that fires from all cylinders with no interference. Why have a body that has to work harder, when it is designed to function and perform at 100% with ease...?

That in itself is the simplicity and beauty of Chiropractic care! 

I believe that getting checked is actually an investment in your health. So do the future "you" a favour. You only live life once, so why not do it right! 

Jessie Hodge - Practice Manager REMUERA

Jessie Hodge

Jessie is an integral part of our Remuera Team. Orinally from Hawaii, her exudes her passion and interest in Natural health and wellbeing.

A long time proponent of nature, her university studies at the University of Hawaii focussed strongly on sustainabity and Conservation. Jessie continues to travel and adores her new home right here in Auckland

A true asset to the Dynamic Team, Jessie will go out of her way to help the team and our clients become the true epitome of real health.

Ashley Kaka - Viaduct Manager

Ashley Kaka Profile Pic

Born in Hawaii and raised in NZ for most of my life, NZ is my home. I've recently returned home after travelling in the US for the last few years, investing in real estate and travelling as much as possible.

I cameaccross chiropractic after hearing of the major benefits a close friend had experienced whilst visiting Dynamic Chiropractic. I was intrigued and wanted to "in" on the action. Subsequently, I've had amazing results myself. I jumped at the chance to become their new Viaduct Manager.

Ever since, I have been able to see first hand the wonderful and in some cases, life changing results experienced by so many. It's been truly eye opening.I love being involved in an organization that focuses so highly on caring for people, and look forward to the many more incrediible stories we get to be a part of.

Casey Murray - Remuera Chiropractic AssistantCasey Bio Pic

I am currently a Business Comms student at Massey University. I was initially referred to Dynamic Chiropractic for care because I suffered terribly with lower spinal pain. Not only did I discover that chiropractic helps me to function better - but I was so inspired by their passion and commitment to helping people, that I am now apart of this incredible team. Regular Chiropractic care has helped with my initial complaint, but I have also realised that I am able to function at my absolute best despite my hectic schedule! 

For me, Chiropractic care is a lifestyle, it's not just about my symptoms. It is for this reason, that I love and strongly believe in everything my role stands for. Chiropractic care offers an endless amount of benefits to people. Whether it is for pain relief, or if it is simply better health & function. I have now worked at DFC nearly a year and a half and I've witnessed many life changing results. I feel so honoured to be working with a passionate skilled team who's number one focus is to improve people's lives.